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Feedback from previous participants:

"You made the class fun and enjoyable. We love your sense of humor! I feel better now that both my daughter and I have taken the class. I noticed that Brianna is now locking the car door so thank you for that. Thanks for putting together this class to fit with our needs!"

- M. Nguyen

"Bravo!! You are a fantastic teacher and you made the class/information interesting and fun. My kids (age 12, 10 1/2) loved your class and they still try to practice the techniquest on each other (ouch). Thank you for taking the time to teach younger kids! This workshop was one of their favorite activities this summer! I enjoyoed seeing them smiling/laughing and eager to return to learn more."

- K. Koonmen

"I really enjoyed the workshop and would recommend this course to anyone who doesn't want to be a victim. Sifu Chang is an excellent instructor with the ability to communicate across all age groups. After taking this workshop you'll really want to come back for more."

- A. Stanton

"Thank you so much Sifu for such a great class. I feel confident that I will have the courage to defend myself in case of need. I really enjoyed the class and I want to do it again!"

- C. Gonzalez

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Wushu Central's

Wushu Central is dedicated to ending domestic and sexual violence against women. Empowering yourself with practical self defense skills gives you peace of mind, knowing that you have control over your safety and your future.

In this 2-hour workshop specially tailored for teen girls and women, you will practice the necessary skills to stop an encounter from becoming dangerous, and when all else fails, learn how to physically defend yourself from a violent attacker.

Our class is developed on the premise that women of every body type and physical condition can learn the key skills of self defense. Whether you are a girl in middle school, a mother, a business woman, and/or a senior citizen - you can very quickly learn extremely effective and practical techniques to keep you and your family safe!

You will learn:

  • Combatives (strikes, kicks, blocks)
  • Defense against chokes
  • Defense against arm grabs
  • Defense against head locks
  • Defense against bear hugs
  • Defense against hair pulls
  • Defense against ground position (assailant on top)
  • Carjackings
  • Home invasions
  • Defense against weapons (bats, knives, guns, etc.)
  • Decreasing your chances of becoming a victim
  • Staying safe on college campuses

The instructor will wear a padded suit which will allow you to REALLY practice your techniques on a live “attacker” so that you can see how your techniques work. This will build the experience and confidence you need to live your life with No More Fear™


Register for our next workshop to be held on:

Date: Saturday, November 3, 2018
Time: 5:00 - 7:00 pm (2 hours)
Location: 879 Coleman Ave, San Jose
For: Girls age 12+ and women
Class Fee: $49.99

If you would like to request a special No More Fear workshop for your own group, please contact us directly at (408) 850-9479.