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Our experience here has been great so far. We love this place and the instructors. They are dedicated and have lots of patience with the kids. They are very attentive to the kids and correct them if they are not paying attention. Special thanks to coach Tan for doing such great job communicating with the little kids and connecting with their feelings. And also thanks to coach Troy for being playful with the younger kids to make class more fun but strict enough to the older ones when needed to be discipline.

Abigail Agustin

Kids Martial Arts near Kids Martial Arts

I absolutely love everything about Wushu Central! The instructors are great and have such patience with the kiddos. They are good at communicating with the kids when they need correction and or help. Watching my kids is sometimes hard since I’m not on the floor with them to correct or help them. The instructors always see those that things I do and jump in to help them. You can see the passion in what they’re teaching at Wushu Central and I see the benefits of all that work at home in my kids! Thank you Wushu Central!

Elena Galvan

Kids Martial Arts near Kids Martial Arts

I strongly recommend Wushu Central. Self-defense class is amazing, teaching you how to react the most effective way. Sifu Chang and the coaches are extremely kind and have great sense of humour, making the experience a very enjoyable one, even for a terrible introvert like myself (thanks Coach Larry and Coach Cameron). Wushu classes for the kids are also marvelous, the coaches are amazingly patient and fun for the children.

Marion Klein

Kids Martial Arts near Kids Martial Arts

This is an awesome place to learn Martial Arts. Kids enjoy the program a lot and importantly learn with the help of awesome and dedicated hard working coaches. Special Thanks to Coach Tyler and Coach Brandon and other coaches as well for providing an unforgettable attention and support to all the students. Highly recommend to everyone if they are interested in Martial Arts.

Ratan Mohla

Kids Martial Arts near Kids Martial Arts

When I first started attending classes at Wushu Central, I didn’t really like it because I was introverted and there was a lot of interaction with the class. However, once I got used to the curriculum, I became more comfortable with being there. I think that wushu teaches people to be confident and speak for themselves. Not only do these classes help you with martial arts, but they also teach students important skills that they can use throughout their entire lives. I would recommend wushu to anyone who wants to become more confident in their ability as well as in themselves.

Brandon Salve

Kids Martial Arts near Kids Martial Arts

Started coming here years ago, and have been coming back ever since. I’ve taken every type of class here and taught a few also, so I have seen all aspects of the school. The curriculum is solid and the staff are exceptional as well. If you put in the effort you will see results. I always knew that training Wushu was something I wanted to do in life, and am glad I found this school. Sifu David, Sifu Terry, Coach Tan, Coach Troy, Coach Larry, and Coach Mike all helped me out a lot along the way and still do.

I feel like I can defend myself much better if I had to, but I also have the skills to perform lots of cool moves. I’m much more flexible and have seen more self-confidence also. When I have kids I’ll definitely enroll them as soon as they’re old enough.

Brenden Smith

Kids Martial Arts near Kids Martial Arts

My son has been going to wushu central for the last several years. We are very happy with his experience in wushucentral. Sifu Chang and the staff and instructors are awesome! Would highly recommend!

Mitul Sen

Kids Martial Arts near Kids Martial Arts

I started Kung Fu a few months ago because with two purposes in mind. (1) Physical Exercise (2) I wanted to learn how to use my energy in constructive ways. I must say, at Wushu Central, I learnt exactly that. Sifu David is very patient teacher. I changed my daughter's Kung Fu class and enrolled her into WCMAA too. Highly recommend it.

Kirtida Gautam

Kids Martial Arts near San Jose

I have trained at Wushu Central for nearly 10 years! And over those 10 years I have observed and participated in uncountable classes and events. The main difference between Wushu Central and other schools is their effectiveness in teaching proper values in martial arts and in humanity. The "Cobra Kai dojo" of the original Karate Kid is nowhere to be seen. From toddlers to senior citizens, respect is honored to everyone who walks through the door and out the door.

I have achieved the 5th Duan blackbelt degree at Wushu Central. I've learned hand forms, weapons and Tai Chi. And I started at the ripe age of 31.

I highly recommend the programs offered here for anyone looking for a non-aggressive, family-oriented and structured program to learn Chinese Martial Arts.

What I have learned taught me more about myself, others and has improved my life immeasurably.

Francis Chau

Kids Martial Arts near San Jose

I started at Wushu Central when I was 4 years old and I still go there. It is an amazing place for people of all ages, and the man who started this is Sifu Chang. He is one of the greatest guys I have ever met. Wushu at Wushu Central is definitely the greatest thing in my life. Thanks Sifu!

Austin Tong

Kids Martial Arts near Kids Martial Arts

My daughter and I enjoyed your self defense class for women. It was very informative and thorough. It was exactly what I was looking for in terms of teaching awareness and protection. We will definitely recommend it to friends! Thank you!

Michelle Gruber Olson

Kids Martial Arts near Kids Martial Arts

My son has been attending here for more than a year. The focus he has developed here has started to show in other areas of his life. He has fun and learns in every class. I am very glad my son has this outlet and he is excited about it every day. Wushu Central is a great place for kids amd adults to learn a new discipline and meet great people.

Kelly McAuley

Kids Martial Arts near Kids Martial Arts

My daughter has been attending Wushu Central for close to a year now and she loves it. Outstanding instructors that are talented, but also very compassionate and patient with the students. Would highly recommend this Academy.

Sangeeta Mallik

Kids Martial Arts San Jose

We had our kid's birthday party here and from the start, Master Chang and his team were awesome to work with. I called often with questions leading up to the day and he was prompt in answering them and returning my calls. On the day of the party, he and his team were helpful and took care of everything and had the kids engaged throughout. They were patient and wonderful with the kids (and adults!) and Coach Larry was especially great with all the children ranging from 3-7 yrs! Things were organized and efficient and all our guests left happy! Thank you so much!

Prerna J.

Kids Martial Arts San Jose

Today I enrolled my 3 sons after the free class by coach Larry, he is an amazing professional coach, my 11 year old wasn’t sure to join but after his coach give him the free class he was super excited with his 2 brothers, we saw the place pack and clean everything running smoothly, I hope the owner of this place knows he was this amazing coach that teaches kids discipline and martial arts skills, we recommend this school to everyone.

Renay Felicidad

Kids Martial Arts San Jose

I absolutely love this place. Sifu Chang is very welcoming and that extends to his staff as well. They are patient, encouraging and always positive. They are all trained to work well with the kids, not only physically but emotionally as well. My son is strong willed, they get him to open up and focus in class. When a kid is anxious, maybe their very first class or feeling a bit overwhelmed, they don't rush the child. In fact, another available coach will come and talk them into to class, again, being so very patient through it all. They also teach the kids to be responsible and respectful in other environments, school, home etc. I HIGHLY recommend this place, my son has come such a long way! You won't regret it!

Mahea L.

Kids Martial Arts near San Jose

We have been coming here for 3 years. My oldest daughter started taking wushu when she was 4. My little one started also at the same age.

First of all - the coaches and Sifu Terry are amazingly patient. Big shoutout to Coach Tan and Coach Mike who works a lot with the younger kids. I have seen nothing but patience and kindness from the coaches, even when my kids have been grumpy and uncooperative. Many parents I've talked to agrees that the teachers have been warm and patient with the kids.

The older students who have been taking wushu for a long time have a certain zen-ness and determination. That is why I hope my kids will take to wushu and make it their sport.

We also get to see how easy it is to cancel. Sifu Chang, the owner, is not the pushy kind. He emailed us once to remind us that the older one's membership is ending in Feb 2019. That's it. No hard sell, no forms. Since we paid upfront for a fully year, once we are done in February, we don't have to do anything else.

The coaches here are the biggest reason why I like this place. Hopefully my small one will stick with wushu for a long, long time.

Pauline L.

Kids Martial Arts San Jose

My son (5 years old) has been enrolled for two and half years now, He started as little hero and now he is in wushu kids. My daughter(3 years old) also has been enrolled for almost a year, she started as tiny tiger and now she is a little hero. The coaches are really amazing with kids. My kids' first coach was coach Larry, he is really great with kids, gentle, professional, patient and discipline kids in very professional and kind way.

My son learned a lot from coach Larry and little heroes, he also got friends and had so much fun. He learned to be focused, how to control his moves, know his coordinations , to follow instructions, being careful, be patient and wait for his turn, work with team, to remember his moves and to respect his colleagues. When my son went to the upper level and joined wushu kids, Coach Tiam and coach Larry were amazing with him. In the beginning my son needed support and couldn't deal with his emotions, coaches treated him by very supportive, kind and professional way and taught him how to deal with his emotions and I can totally see the difference now.

My daughter was really shy, couldn't speak with coach at all and couldn't enter the class without me with her but coach Larry was amazing with her and now she enter the class happily once the coach tell her and follow the instructions with a smile on her face. Coach Larry made a great work with her in short time.

We made so many make ups and saw most of the coaches. Really professional and carefully selected coaches.

Mr Chang is great and flexible in all management stuff. You can easily schedule tests, make up classes, private classes or private tests. He always works with me to get the best suitable time to both me and the coaches.

There is increase in the contract price almost every year. You will know when you renew your contract. There are 2 types of contract: yearly contract and monthly contract and you need to read your contract carefully.

I am planning to stay in Wushu center until my kids got the black belt if the contract payments are still affordable.

Rehab A.

Kids Martial Arts San Jose

The owner of Wushu Central was very open and receptive to the comments in my review and when we discussed in person. After that I have noticed hat all the tiny tiger classes include the obstacle course so they littles can be active while also practicing their Kung fu skills. A couple of weeks age we had what I would consider one of the best classes so far - it was amazing and my daughter excitedly talked about it for the next couple of days. There was an obstacle course and half way through it Sifu Chang and Coach Brandon each did a Kung fu drill with kids (blocks dodges punches and kicks) before they proceeded to finish the course. After a few rounds Sifu Change showed each child how to do a forward and backward roll and assisted them safely. All the parents cheered for each kid as they did their turn. My daughter has been doing forward rolls all over the house now haha!

F R.

Kids Martial Arts San Jose

My son (10) has been attending Wushu Central for about 3 years. The staff is very professional and friendly. The classes keep my son engaged and active. The classes are educational and fun, not just discipline all the time. The kids are treated with respect, which is very important to me. They are flexible on scheduling. The instructors are mature, intelligent, and patient. I do see my son making progress in the quality of his behavior and form. My son preferred an individual based sport, instead of a team sport, and Wushu suited him well. I do agree that you have to read the contract, as in all financial situations, but Wushu does not try to pull anything underhanded. I believe they are fair and respectful. I highly recommend Wushu Central.

Mrs C.

Kids Martial Arts San Jose

I called Wushu kids to get info and make an appointment for my 3 year old son. I received a call back very promptly. Master Chang was very informative on the phone.

We went in for our appointment and free trial class. Master Chang was very friendly and very enthusiastic. At first I thought he has too because he's selling me. When ever I walk into a place like this I assume they are going to be like used car sales men. Lol. But as the class went on I could tell he was genuine. He really cares and loves working with children.

You receive a 10% discount if you pay the yearly tuition in full. It's tough to do but a big savings:)

Update: My son absolutely adores Wushu central little heroes class. He is now learning the 8 steps. Discipline, teamwork, memory, balance, fitness, coordination, strength, and focus. I really notice a change at home with my son. The class teachings really carry over to home and playing with other kids his age.

Rachel B.

Kids Martial Arts San Jose

I started my Wushu journey in 2007 as a Little Hero white belt. I wanted to do something other than gymnastics so my parents enrolled me in Wushu Central. I can't say I remember everything since I was so young but I do remember the coaches' and Sifu Chang's enthusiasm to keep me entertained. Sifu Chang not only taught me Wushu moves and forms but also discipline, character, and perseverance. At times I thought it was going to be really hard because I couldn't always remember my form. However, the coaches really helped and today I am a fifth-degree black belt. l am now working on earning my Sifu Degree. Now I am a coach and I enjoy watching the growth in the students I teach as well as developing my relationships with them. I'm only fourteen years old but these past ten years I've accomplished a lot. I would highly recommend Wushu Central without hesitation.

Austin T.

Kids Martial Arts San Jose

This is an amazing place to learn Wushu (kung fu)! I've been training here for over 9 years now. I recently earned my 5th Degree Blackbelt at Wushu Central. Probably one of the longest enrolled students, here!

I am not a coach there, however, I have observed the coaches teaching ages from 2 years old to preteens, to teens, and adults. What is different here is that there is NO EGO like you find in the "Cobra Kai" type places. All the staff are very cordial, respectful, and they listen well. Of course, all of this is made possible by the leadership of Sifu David Chang. His knowledge is thorough.

For young kids, they do learn martial arts, but what I find to be really amazing is that the PRINCIPLES and VALUES are translated into daily life.

For adults, martial arts is such a personal journey. For me, I chose Wushu Central, because it's a family-oriented environment where everyone appreciates having the opportunity to learn. Wushu Central also offers workshops in Women's Self-Defense and Anti-Bullying.

There are thousands of martial arts styles and not every style will appeal to you just as they don't all appeal to me. If you want to have bruises, scars, broken bones, injuries, and bloody teeth, this is not the place. However, if Wushu is what you wish to learn like Jet Li, Jackie Chan, Donnie Yen, and Collin Chou, then this is a great place to learn. My learnings have included Tai Chi, Straightsword, Broadsword, Staff, Spear, Twin hooks, Long Fist, & Southern Fist. And there's still MORE to learn after 9 years!

Looking forward to many more years!

Francis C.

Kids Martial Arts near San Jose

It's been 3 years since we left San Jose and we still miss this place so much. Wushu Central have awesome teachers!! My 3 kids enjoyed their classes! I highly recommend this place. Kids learn so much here and have fun at the same time.

Jenny S.

Kids Martial Arts near San Jose

My son started Tiny Tigers class when he turned two a few months ago.

I was initially worried my son would not be able to learn anything as he is probably the most shy toddler you will ever meet. But by the 3rd lesson, coach Larry got him to follow most of the instructions he gave. My son has since learnt to speak a bit more to him which is great!

I do hope my son likes wushu and if he does, I am glad to enroll him forever! ;)

Zoe G.

Kids Martial Arts San Jose

I have been taking my two boys here for over a month. They love to come every sunday, unfortunately we live over an hr away and can't come anymore.That is how good this program is, that we would drive over an hour, both ways so they can attend washu central. The best part is that my 2 year old son Noah was also part of the tiny tigers. Most programs are for 4 year olds and up. Coah Larry couldn't be any nicer and helpful , he makes the class fun and playful. He has alot of patience with the kids, and is always in a good mood. If you live close enough you need to take advantage of these great classes!!!

Roci P.

Kids Martial Arts near San Jose

I started my Wushu learning journey from the young age of 5 and continued until my freshman year of high school. I only stopped my lessons due to my increasing academic requirements. My time at Wushu Central was characterized with supportive instructors and engaging curriculum, which taught me perserverence and determination were keys to success in anything I tried. From classes like Little Heroes to Wushu Kids to the traditional Wushu, all catered perfectly to the desired age group and the material covered was both challenging and interesting for me. The instructors were both calm and ready to assist the students of various ages, which indicated how well trained the staff was. Ultimately, I ended my Wushu experience with a black belt and a lot of life skills that I use to this day. I recommend trying one class if you even have a miniscule interest in martial arts because I learned more than just martial arts, I gained qualities that positively benefit my everyday life.

Andrew L.

Kids Martial Arts San Jose

My two kids (6 and 5 yrs old) love coming here. The coaches are professional, helpful and know how to interact well with children. They teach at a developmentally appropriate way and explain lessons to children. They have a fun warm up time, teach lessons on how to be a good, kind, and cautious person combined with a cool Kung Fu style martial arts. Make up classes are available when you miss one.

Sheree C.

Kids Martial Arts San Jose

A wonderful activity option for kids! And a great place to have birthday parties! We had my son's bday party here (he is a student) and all the parents were asking me questions afterward about enrolling their child. Props to Coach Larry for always being entertaining and playful and for Sifu David for being flexible. This business is tailored to kids - they know how to handle different personalities in a calm and positive way. I especially like the way Coach Jeff is gentle but effective. I will say that some of the younger coaches have a little ways to go in terms of development, but the overall experience is great. Student teacher ratio is amazing. Often they kids breakout to learn their moves with a 4:1, 3:1, and sometimes 1:1. Space gets tight sometimes if there's a bigger class, but nothing that should deter anyone from signing up.

Sandy B.

Kids Martial Arts near San Jose

The best wushu school in town. My partner & I have attended this school for the past decade & the staff are very professional. They care about their students & really want you to succeed. I would like to personally thank everyone at Wushu Central for a positive environment to learn.

Dalena H.

Kids Martial Arts San Jose

Wushu Central is, by far, the best martial arts school in the bay area. The coaches are very well trained, enthusiastic, supportive, and encourage each child to fulfill their potential. The classes are fun and it shows on the student's faces--spirited, laughing, smiling. The owners are so very receptive to feedback and go out of their way to accommodate students and parents. They truly deliver on customer service and the program is designed to instill confidence, personal growth, and teamwork. As a busy parent, I especially value their organization skills--all the testing and classes are numbered on their calendar on their website. There are videos of all the forms for students to view and practice at home. Practically everything a parent might need can be accessed off their website. Emails are returned promptly and in the last 5 years I have never had any issues or concerns. My son loves his classes, the variations, the creativity, the novelty of all the different weapons, and the sense of an extended family. Hands down, the BEST after school program!!

Madison L.

Kids Martial Arts San Jose

I think Wushu is not only a physical sport, but a mental sport because it involves concentration, discipline, and control. Wushu is also difficult physically because it keeps you in shape and pushes you to go beyond the limit and set a new limit. Wushu is definitely a hard sport; to get a black belt you must have endurance and a strong spirit. I will earn a black belt, despite the challenges that lay ahead.

Erica Ducker, 13 Years Old

Kids Martial Arts San Jose

Our 7 years-old is in the Kid's class and our 4 years-old in Little Heroes. We have been impressed with their enthusiasm - they love to go to their Wushu class and spend a lot of time practicing at home. We have noticed a tremendous improvement in their flexibility since they practice regularly. It is now easier to explain concepts such as focus, discipline, self-defense to our four year old - she knows what it means. As parents, we find the team in Wushu Central excellent - not only they are competent in their discipline but they are also great with kids. They know how to be respected but also appreciated and get the best out of our children.

Isabelle Reddy

Kids Martial Arts San Jose

My life has changed dramatically from wushu. It has made me stronger, more aware, and it made me more confident. I can't imagine life without wushu. If I never had entered wushu I would be a little smart girl who is picked last for physical education. I have improved greatly in physical education. I am now faster and have stronger muscles. Because of wushu I can now feel like a better person.



Ivy Nguyen, 12 Years Old

Kids Martial Arts San Jose

Wushu Central is an amazing place where we learn martial arts. It's so much fun and I have been doing this since I was three. I love it and I want to thank all the coaches who make my experience at Wushu great. Thanks to Sifu as well who made this all happen. This is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Saumi Mehta

Kids Martial Arts San Jose

The Little Heroes class has exceeded our expectations. The coaches are superb and interact exceptionally well with all of the children and provide a warm supportive educational environment. The elements taught within the Little Heroes program apply to daily life including: school, playtime, and interactions with siblings. We give the Little Heroes program our highest recommendation.

A.W. & L.Y.

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