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Calvin Lui Kids Martial Arts Instructor

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Calvin Lui

Coach Calvin has been studying Wushu since 2012 as a freshman at UC San Diego, learning basics at a competition level.  He spent a couple summers at Wushu Central while being home on break to keep up with practice and was able to permanently stay after graduating in 2016.  In college, he specialized in Tai Chi, learning from an internal style specialist and managed to compete in the Wushu Collegiate competitions for Wushu and Tai Chi, winning a few gold medals for Tai Chi.  He started teaching in 2017, the day after attaining his first black belt.  His favorite part about teaching is helping others work hard and improve themselves, which is then always a learning experience to become a better teacher.  He hopes to be able to attain the Sifu title in Summer 2026 and bring in other styles not taught at Wushu Central.

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