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  • Encouraging Your Child’s Creativity

    Encouraging Your Child’s Creativity

    A Parent’s Guide to Encouraging Your Child’s Creativity It’s natural for children to be creative, but they need a supportive environment to keep that spark alight. As a parent, you can help your child to appreciate art and express themselves. Each of us can be creative, and it’s a skill that can be developed. Innovation and originality extend beyond galleries and museums. These are qualities that can be applied throughout our personal and professional lives. Share the joy of creativity with your family. Learn more about how to help your child use their imagination. Benefits of Encouraging Your Child’s Creativity: 1. Build confidence. Fear of ....

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  • How to Help Your Child Deal With Anxiety

    How to Help Your Child Deal With Anxiety

    How to Help Your Child Deal With Anxiety The world can be a scary place, and many children have good reason to worry. However, many children worry much more than is reasonable for the situation. Anxiety isn’t always a bad thing. A person should be worried if they’re in a dangerous situation, for example. Anxiety is protective, but too much or inappropriate anxiety isn’t healthy. Use these strategies to help your child overcome their anxiety: 1. Be supportive and patient. It can be frustrating when your child is constantly worried about things that seem meaningless or silly. However, the anxiety they feel is just as real to them as your anxieties are to ....

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  • Overcoming Mommy Guilt

    Overcoming Mommy Guilt

    Hosted by Wushu Central on March 23, 2021 Camille Flemate, licensed Physicians Assistant and Health & Wellness Coach, shared her wisdom on how moms can take care of themselves while still being a great parent: Join her free group at https://forms.gle/oKHFbMjfpJwFDEGRA ....

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  • The Power of Yet: Developing a Mindset for Success

    The Power of Yet: Developing a Mindset for Success

    Goal setting is a characteristic that significantly links an individual to their future success. Having the right mindset is crucial and encourages our behaviors as we encounter different challenges. Since our mindset incorporates our own beliefs about skills and abilities that we possess, we must have a growth mindset and teach children the power of this as well. Simple yet effective tactics can be implemented to help children become more confident, resilient, and persistent in their drive to reach goals. Carol Dweck, a psychologist, developed the theory of the fixed and growth mindsets in her book “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success.” She explains a fixed mindset is one ....

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  • Nature and Nurture: Influencing Genes for Success

    Nature and Nurture: Influencing Genes for Success

    Is it nature, is it nurture? That is the question. This age-old debate, in the world of psychology, has been a source of controversy for decades. At some point, all parents have toyed with thoughts of which one has most influenced their child concerning personality traits, abilities, etc. And while different psychology fields have distinct beliefs, studies have shown that this debate falls along with more of a continuum, with both views interacting. With this knowledge, we can engage children in programs that will nurture the expression of traits that will lead to success and happiness. In the nature versus nurture debate, nativists believe that all our physical and personality traits are ....

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  • Rapid Resets: Quick Ways to Calm an Emotional Flood

    Rapid Resets: Quick Ways to Calm an Emotional Flood

    As we know, children can lose control of their emotions for various reasons, and the behaviors we witness are generally unplanned. And since anxiety can look like defiance, adults often respond in counterproductive ways. When children are stressed, the amygdala, in the downstairs brain, is triggered, and the “fight or flight” response takes over. This hijacking of the brain makes it hard for children to be reached through conversation resulting in a disruption in the current environment. Implementing rapid resets can calm children and get their brains back “online.” When children are out of the zone, and their “lid is flipped,” the sympathetic nervous ....

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  • 10 Best Martial Arts Classes in San Jose - Updated Jan 21, 2021

    10 Best Martial Arts Classes in San Jose - Updated Jan 21, 2021

    These classes go far beyond typical Karate lessons in the way they incorporate life skills and personal attention: 1. Tiny Tigers. This class is specially designed for your toddler child age 2 - 3 1/2. Parent participation helps guarantee an comfortable adjustment period at this tender age. 2. Little Heroes. Children ages 3 through 5 love the low student to teacher ratio of this program, positive reinforcement, and the skills they develop. 3. Wushu Kidz. For kids between 5 and 7, the curriculum becomes more challenging with a heavier emphasis on both physical and mental conditioning to build grit and confidence. 4. Future Starz. This class integrates Kung Fu with ....

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  • Healthy and Fit Kids - Free Workshop on Jan 29

    Healthy and Fit Kids - Free Workshop on Jan 29

    For Children & Teens (and Adults too!) Friday, January 29, 7 - 8 pm We pride ourselves in providing our students with meaningful learning experiences that are not only fun, but enriching to their lives. We are excited to announce our upcoming Health & Fitness Workshop on January 29 from 7 - 8 pm. The goal of this workshop is to inspire and teach students the importance of nutritional, physical and mental health, so that students can live healthier, stronger and happier lives. Through this workshop, students will walk away equipped with the knowledge, resources and inspiration to make a difference in their own lives, and other lives within their community. Don’t miss this ....

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  • Whole-Brain Parenting: Engaging the Brain for Optimal Development

    Whole-Brain Parenting: Engaging the Brain for Optimal Development

    On any given day, we may experience moments of high emotion in reaction to an event, or we find ourselves trying to control everyone and everything around us. Either way, our mental well-being is in danger, especially if we find ourselves stuck in either scenario for long. It can be difficult for children to get unstuck without some help from a parent or other adult. To give children the support they need when faced with this, parents must have a basic understanding of their child’s brain development. By incorporating this knowledge into interactions, parents can support children in learning and growing through a whole-brain approach. To help us get a clear understanding of how these ....

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  • The Developing Mind: Understanding Your Child’s Behavior

    The Developing Mind: Understanding Your Child’s Behavior

    One of the biggest struggles in parenting is understanding why perfectly sweet and smart children can, in an instant, turn into the most difficult beings ever faced. It’s often as if a switch was flipped and chaos has ensued. This typically results in parents becoming frustrated at their child and disciplining them in the heat of the moment. And while this may seem like the best option, it can be counterproductive in many ways. When parents become knowledgeable about the basics of brain development and how this affects behavior, they can help integrate all areas of the brain and have better parenting success. The key to whole-brain integration is having a basic understanding of ....

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