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  • Champions Don't Give Up

    Champions Don't Give Up

    It’s April 3, and Day 18 of Shelter in Place
    My brain is in a million places at once, as we prepare for our LIVE online classes to launch on Monday. There are so many moving parts that need to come together properly at one time in order to work. What camera to use? Where to get it? Why won’t the microphone connect? What settings to use in Zoom? What’s the process to ensure a smooth experience for our students? How should we structure the class? What modifications are necessary? What’s the plan for testing? The list goes on and on and on. It’s mind-boggling and stressful and worrisome. And to be honest, I love it . It is times when I am challenged like ....

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  • How to Access Our Live Online Classes

    How to Access Our Live Online Classes

    It’s April 2, and Day 17 of Shelter in Place
    This internet meme is eerily close to the truth! When our LIVE classes begin next Monday, you will access it by going to and clicking on “Online Classes” from the menu. You will see your class name and the times that it meets. Click into your class to access the login portal. (You can try his now!) To participate in the class, you will need the Zoom app installed on your device, so I recommend doing that ahead of time. Students who have active memberships will be provided with their class passwords in a separate email this weekend, so be on the watch for that. A few important tips to get the most out of our ....

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  • Find Something To Laugh About

    Find Something To Laugh About

    It’s April 1, and Day 16 of Shelter in Place
    I woke up this morning to the sound of hysterical laughter. Apparently my son started the day by playing a prank on my daughter. He had woken up early to infiltrate her phone and changed the names of every one of her contacts. Now instead of calling her best friend, my daughter is dialing Eliza Hamilton. Her cousin is now Ben Shapiro. And somehow Baby Yoda has been text messaging her. I must admit that I’ve been pretty stressed these past few weeks. Changing our award-winning in-person martial arts program into a completely virtual one has been a monumental team effort. It’s moments of levity like this that help ground me and ....

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  • Live classes begin on April 6

    Live classes begin on April 6

    It’s March 30, and Day 14 of Shelter in Place
    If you ever feel helpless, a change in perspective can be all that it takes to bring new hope. At Wushu Central we are constantly evolving our “what” - the way in which we deliver great martial arts training to our students. But our “WHY” remains the same driving force which makes it all possible, and that is our belief that we can make the world a better place by making the people who live in it better. So here we are at the cusp of yet another evolution. In just one more week we will begin providing our online classes LIVE! Beginning Monday April 6, students can join their instructors and classmates in live ....

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  • How We Develop Resilient Children

    How We Develop Resilient Children

    Stress is a significant part of our lives today. And while we all experience it, children and teens have a more difficult time managing it. Academic pressure, social tensions, family stressors, etc. all impact a young person’s mental well-being. For this reason, it’s important for parents to help their children develop coping skills by guiding them through tough times instead of jumping in to save them from any discomfort that may come along. Children and teens often present stress as what adults call a meltdown or a tantrum. Psychologists call it “flooding.” This happens when a wave of strong, negative emotions flood in and rational thinking goes out the door. The ....

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  • I Will Teach You, Because I Care

    I Will Teach You, Because I Care

    It’s March 29, and Day 13 of Shelter in Place
    We had so much fun at our first Parent’s Night In last night. Many thanks to the kids and parents who joined in for a fun hour of Kung Fu and social games. I look forward to hosting our next event! Thank you, all you parents who are supporting us, for keeping us going. Expect some more information tomorrow on our LIVE classes starting up on Monday, April 6. We’re super excited! Keep Moving Forward! ....

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  • Wushu Central Is Leveling Up!

    Wushu Central Is Leveling Up!

    It’s March 28, and Day 12 of Shelter in Place
    Check out the cool video from our partners at Hyper Martial Arts ! The Ordinary Will Give Up, The Extraordinary Will Level Up I personally taught 3 hours of online private lessons yesterday, and one thing really stuck with me: our students have shown amazing fortitude and dedication in their Wushu training. They’re Leveling Up every day. And in a week, we’re going to Level Up our classes even more. Starting Monday April 6, we are going to bring our online classes to you in real-time. This means that your instructor will be LIVE on the other side of the screen guiding, motivating, and correcting you and your classmates. ....

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  • Parent's Night In

    Parent's Night In

    It’s March 27, and Day 11 of Shelter in Place
    If your kids are like mine, they’re feeling pretty antsy. Children aren't built to be cooped up and socially isolated. They want to go out and run and be free ! Their intense drive to connect with others and foster friendships is an innate impulse. That’s why giving them fun social outlets is really important at this time. If your kids are ready to have some fun with other kids, we’re here to help! Log in to Zoom tomorrow at 5 pm for our first Parent’s Night In ! We’re going toget the kids moving, having fun, and at the same time give you a break. Here’s what’s happening at Parent’s Night ....

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  • Rave Reviews for our Virtual Classes

    Rave Reviews for our Virtual Classes

    It’s March 26, and Day 10 of Shelter in Place
    So here we are a full ten days in. Hopefully your children have been keeping their minds and their bodies busy! We’re grateful for all the wonderful emails we receive from you parents. I want to let you know that I show your emails to your coaches, and it really motivates and keeps them going during these challenging times. I’d like to share a few of my favorites: “[My son] completely enjoyed learning from Coach Austin.... He listened intently and responded to questions asked regarding the Courage-theme exercise.I am so happy you decided to provide online option. Totally appreciate all the efforts from the team.~ Sima ....

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  • Wushu Central Parents Group

    Wushu Central Parents Group

    It’s March 25, and Day 9 of Shelter in Place
    OK, so here comes one of my favorite questions. I like to use itwhenever somebody asks me why the martial arts is so good for kids. Here goes: What do Stanford, Dartmouth, UC Berkeley, MIT, and TuftsUniversity all have in common? Answer: They have all admitted students who earned their Black Belts at Wushu Central. Yes, we are unique in that what we teach here, if students stick with it in the long term, is helping them get into the most prestigious universities in the world . It’s no coincidence, nor is it a surprise. We have 20 years of experience in creating children who grow up with confidence, strong morals, ....

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