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  • A 4D Approach to Online Safety

    A 4D Approach to Online Safety

    Children of all ages are spending more and more time on devices. Online schoolwork and staying connected to family members are positive ways children can use technology. And while video games and social media apps are ways for children to connect and “play” with friends, these platforms are also a breeding ground for inappropriate content and predators. So, in the same way parents educate their children on awareness and danger in the physical world, danger in the virtual world should also be addressed. Intellectual: Children are smart, and even the youngest know how to navigate social media and the internet, often, better than their parents. And while this can be useful in ....

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  • Igniting Your Teens' Motivation

    Igniting Your Teens' Motivation

    Adolescence has always been a challenging time for parents and teens to get through. Typically, this is because adults feel teens are lazy and/or out of control. However, these behaviors are usually present because teens feel uninspired and lack the right motivation in their lives. And while the development of the brain hasn’t changed, the environment around teens is constantly changing. Now, with the global pandemic at the forefront of our lives, teens are struggling to even complete the minimum daily tasks. Finding ways to inspire teens will ignite their motivation and support them in creating new things again. The teen years are a time when the brain is in a very vulnerable state. ....

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  • Attachment-Seeking – Reframing How We View Negative Behavior

    Attachment-Seeking – Reframing How We View Negative Behavior

    If the pandemic has taught us anything, it has taught us to slow down and appreciate the moments we have with our loved ones. On the flip side, it has also caused some additional stressors for parents as they have had to play the role of teacher while also fulfilling their work demands. And as we knew before the pandemic, children will do just about anything to get attention. And since secondary attachments to teachers and coaches have become limited, children are looking to their parents to fill their attachment needs. As Rudolf Dreikus said, “Children need attention like a plant needs sun and water.” So, when did we conclude that wanting attention is a bad thing? Parents are ....

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  • Situational Awareness – Increasing Children’s Observational Skills

    Situational Awareness – Increasing Children’s Observational Skills

    Today’s world is busy; people are rushing here and there to get to work, school, the store, or the next activity. Even our “leisure” time is filled with busyness. And during all of it, we are distracted by our devices. This not only leads to us missing important moments in our lives, but it also creates a higher likelihood that we would become the victim of a crime or, at very best, be unable to help someone near us that was. Therefore, it is essential to teach children to be perceptive and educate them on situational awareness skills to improve their safety. Nowadays, not only are children distracted as they play and talk with their friends when they are out, but they ....

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  • Conflict Resolution

    Conflict Resolution

    Let’s face it, conflict is hard and is bound to happen no matter what ground rules are put into place. Whether it’s on the playground or right in our own homes, children will clash. And while it can create challenging situations, it is a normal event that occurs between children. This is why conflict resolution is an essential life skill for them to learn. In order to help them, though, early instruction is key in making this a standard routine during disagreements with others. Often when children are involved in conflict, one of two things happen. Either the parent rushes into save their child or the child goes to an adult immediately. And yes, when there is physical violence ....

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  • Maintaining Healthy Development

    Maintaining Healthy Development

    With our country at somewhat of a standstill due to the current pandemic, it’s easy to get into a routine that is more laid back. Anything from going to bed late to increased screen time, habits may start leaning on the unhealthy side. And one of the major behaviors that appear when we are in a stressful situation is that we reach for comfort food. And while it may seem as though the current situation will only last for a short time, the long-term effects of our eating habits can have an impact on children’s physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development. Therefore, it’s essential that parents maintain a healthy lifestyle for their family. In today’s ....

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  • Supporting Children’s Emotional Needs During the Pandemic – Part 2

    Supporting Children’s Emotional Needs During the Pandemic – Part 2

    We are all human and our responses to our current situation vary. Some have hunkered down and sorted through their new reality in a way that has motivated them to complete tasks and put new goals in place. Others have become increasingly overwhelmed and feel like they have no control over their lives at all. It’s important to note, however that there is not a right or wrong way to respond to what we have been presented with. It solely depends on each individual person and how they cope. And as parents are working to navigate their own emotions, they must also help their children manage their feelings.
    When parents normalize feelings and show empathy, children are more receptive to ....

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  • Supporting Children’s Emotional Needs During the Pandemic – Part 1

    Supporting Children’s Emotional Needs During the Pandemic – Part 1

    As the pandemic carries on, our coping skills are starting to unravel. For many people, this has become the ultimate emotional test. As we continue to maintain our distance from each other, not only have our social lives been halted, but our emotional support is wavering as well. And while we have been living this reality this for some time, it is not getting any easier. In fact, it is getting a bit harder, especially for children. In order to mitigate this emotional imbalance, it is important to put things into place to help them feel morestable. Understanding that feelings and responses to the same pandemic are going to vary from person to person is important. Parents need to take time ....

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  • Additional Class Times Starting June 27

    Additional Class Times Starting June 27

    We’ve had an amazing level of interest in our LIVE classes, and most of our time slots now have waiting lists. 🗓 I am happy to announce that beginning this Saturday, more class times will become available! Here are a few highlights:
    Saturday classes are back!
    Spectrum Skillz is being moved to Saturday
    Weekday morning Wushu class will be available on Tue/Thu
    Black Belts have a dedicated class on Fridays If you are already in a class or on our wait list, you do NOT need to resubmit. Only sign up if you would like to join a new class. As before, we are utilizing very strict safety and sanitization procedures including:
    15-minute transition time between classes
    10-student ....

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  • Wushu Central Re-Opens for In-Person Classes on Monday!

    Wushu Central Re-Opens for In-Person Classes on Monday!

    Please see the video below for important information about our safety procedures and re-enrollment processes: Remember:
    Virtual Classes are still being offered
    Live Classes have very limited availability Re-enroll for in-person classes here: https://forms.gle/ZFHJNL8zey5rpvkS7 ....

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