Never Give Up

It’s March 19, and Day 3 of Shelter in Place

My family woke up at 7:00 am this morning to get dressed and eat breakfast. 

Why? Because my kids’ school is continuing all their classes online, and nothing has changed for them other than the location of their learning. 

I read an interesting article about how kids whose schools are just full-stopping instead of pivoting to online classes are going to be at a severe academic disadvantage compared to those who are continuing to go to school online. 

If your school isn’t offering remote learning, I would like to encourage you to do your best to homeschool your child for the next few weeks. There are some great resources such as Khan Academy and IXL that you can use to help your child continue learning. And don’t forget READING! Pick out a book to read together and to engage in discussions about. Have your child write an essay about the book. Take advantage of this time to explore subjects and areas of growth that may have been difficult during the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

And of course, keep up with your martial arts training. Momentum is HUGE. You have spent months or years learning, training, and developing as a martial artist. That goes to waste if you let your regular workout routine slide. If your goal is to become great, and maybe even to attain a Black Belt one day, you can’t afford to quit. My Master once told me, “If you miss one day of practice,  you lose an entire week of progress.” 

Keep Moving Forward.

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