Remaining Active

It’s March 21, and Day 5 of Shelter in Place

I’m really sore.

My wife, two kids, and I have been pumping iron every day. When did the days get so long, with so many idle hours to fill? We aren’t naturally sedentary, so every few hours we find the urge to get up and work out in some capacity. Sometimes it’s martial arts training. At other times it’s going to the backyard to work on my daughter’s volleyball skills. We might lift weights for strength and conditioning. Or perhaps just a good flexibility-enhancing stretch. 

I have gotten so much wonderful feedback from many of you regarding our online class. Many of you are working out to them every day, and I am sure I will be pleasantly surprised at how much your Kung Fu skills have improved in these few weeks apart! Thank you for your encouragement, it really helps. 

Parents, I would love to show the community how strong our kids are. If you feel comfortable with it, please post a picture of you/your kids practicing, and tag Wushu Central Martial Arts Academy. 

Keep Moving Forward, everyone!

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