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The Harder Your Pivot The Harder You Hit

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The Harder Your Pivot The Harder You Hit

It’s March 24, and Day 8 of Shelter in Place

The harder you pivot, the harder you hit.

We’ve been teaching that for years in the martial arts. If you want to throw the strongest punch possible, you have to generate rotational power, which means you have to turn your hip into the strike. This means your foot needs to pivot. This is also true for most kicks, particularly ones that come from the side like the roundhouse kick (this week’s Tiny Tigers technique!)

About a week ago, this maxim became so true with regards to, well…everything. As a society we’ve had to pivot, and in order to come out successful we’ve had to pivot hard. 

My daughter now takes her viola lessons over FaceTime. 

My son who is a competitive chess player meets his coach over Skype. 

And I never imagined that we’d turn into a virtual Wushu school almost overnight. It’s an amazing transformation, and we’re learning on the fly. I appreciate how much patience all of you have had for this unexpected shift in how we deliver the best martial arts training possible to you. 

We’ve also discovered something over the past 8 days:

Students really love the 1-on-1 virtual private lessons. The interaction and attention, and just seeing and talking with their coaches - it really brings the heart of Wushu Central to this remote learning experience. 

In other words, following the lesson videos is really important, but it’s only half of the experience. Be sure to schedule a private lesson with your instructor. They are waiting for you, and it’s free!

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