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Parent's Night In

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Parent's Night In

It’s March 27, and Day 11 of Shelter in Place

If your kids are like mine, they’re feeling pretty antsy. Children aren't built to be cooped up and socially isolated. They want to go out and run and be free! Their intense drive to connect with others and foster friendships is an innate impulse. That’s why giving them fun social outlets is really important at this time. 

If your kids are ready to have some fun with other kids, we’re here to help! 

Log in to Zoom tomorrow at 5 pm for our first Parent’s Night In! We’re going to get the kids moving, having fun, and at the same time give you a break.

Here’s what’s happening at Parent’s Night In:

  • Crazy Dress Up - Arrive in your wackiest get up! Think mismatched socks, goofy shirts, and funny hair-dos. 
  • Fun Fitness & Warm Ups - We’ll get some energy out with an intense workout. Parents who want to burn some calories can join in!
  • Game #1: Alphabet Kung Fu
  • Game #2: Simon Says
  • Game #3: Scavenger Hunt
  • Game #4: Night in the Museum

We’re going to have an amazing time, so don’t be late. Connect with me by Zoom tomorrow. I’m looking forward to partying with all our students!

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