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Wushu Central Is Leveling Up!

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Wushu Central Is Leveling Up!

It’s March 28, and Day 12 of Shelter in Place

Check out the cool video from our partners at Hyper Martial Arts


The Ordinary Will Give Up, The Extraordinary Will Level Up

I personally taught 3 hours of online private lessons yesterday, and one thing really stuck with me: our students have shown amazing fortitude and dedication in their Wushu training. They’re Leveling Up every day. 

And in a week, we’re going to Level Up our classes even more. 

Starting Monday April 6, we are going to bring our online classes to you in real-time. This means that your instructor will be LIVE on the other side of the screen guiding, motivating, and correcting you and your classmates. 

The only thing you’ll need is a small clear space, your uniform, and to show up at class time. And if you happen to miss class, don’t worry - your class video will be saved so that you can make it up whenever you want. We’ll post our online class schedule soon!

Remember: Parent’s Night In is tonight at 5:00 pm! Kids, join me via Zoom for a night of exercise, fun, and games! Come dressed in your wackiest outfit, and log in to:

Also Remember: Storytime with Sifu is tomorrow at 10:00 am! 18 families joined me last Sunday, and I’m looking forward to seeing you again. Newcomers are welcome, of course! 

Contact us if you would like the Zoom link to attend. All special events are free!

Keep Moving Forward!


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