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Live classes begin on April 6

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Live classes begin on April 6

It’s March 30, and Day 14 of Shelter in Place

If you ever feel helpless, a change in perspective can be all that it takes to bring new hope. At Wushu Central we are constantly evolving our “what” - the way in which we deliver great martial arts training to our students. But our “WHY” remains the same driving force which makes it all possible, and that is our belief that we can make the world a better place by making the people who live in it better.

So here we are at the cusp of yet another evolution. 

In just one more week we will begin providing our online classes LIVE!

Beginning Monday April 6, students can join their instructors and classmates in live classes in Zoom. With two way interaction between the coaches and the students and the class format you are familiar with, it will be almost like learning with the instructors in-person! Students are expected to be in full uniform while attending live lessons. 

Remember that you must have an active membership to participate in our live lessons. If you have frozen or canceled your membership, email me and we will reactivate your classes.

If you can’t make it to class, don’t worry - videos of the live classes will be saved and posted so that you can make up the lesson at your convenience. 

Some people have asked about belt testing at the end of April. YES, we will be belt testing! If we are still sheltered at that time, belt testing will occur virtually one-on-one with the coaches. More details as we get closer to that date. 

We will provide complete login details to our live lessons for you in the next few days. 

Keep Moving Forward!

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