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How to Access Our Live Online Classes

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How to Access Our Live Online Classes

It’s April 2, and Day 17 of Shelter in Place

This internet meme is eerily close to the truth!

When our LIVE classes begin next Monday, you will access it by going to wushucentral.com and clicking on “Online Classes” from the menu. You will see your class name and the times that it meets. Click into your class to access the login portal. (You can try his now!) To participate in the class, you will need the Zoom app installed on your device, so I recommend doing that ahead of time. 

Students who have active memberships will be provided with their class passwords in a separate email this weekend, so be on the watch for that.

A few important tips to get the most out of our LIVE classes:

  • Use the student’s name in your Zoom profile. This helps the instructor identify each student and will allow them to call them by name during class.
  • Students are expected to be in their full uniform. Shoes are optional.
  • Ensure the student has a clear space; about 6’ x 6’ should be sufficient. Minimize distractions during class time. 

We’re creating a high-energy, engaging, and interactive virtual martial arts program for our students. Nothing beats in-person learning for sure, but our team is going above and beyond to make sure that our remote-learning class is going to be pretty darn close. 

Remember that if you miss your class, all sessions are being recorded and will be saved on Vimeo for you to view afterward. 

I look forward to seeing you soon. In the meantime, make sure to keep up with your pre-recorded lessons this week.

Keep Moving Forward!

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