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Champions Don't Give Up

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Champions Don't Give Up

It’s April 3, and Day 18 of Shelter in Place

My brain is in a million places at once, as we prepare for our LIVE online classes to launch on Monday. There are so many moving parts that need to come together properly at one time in order to work. 

What camera to use? Where to get it? Why won’t the microphone connect? What settings to use in Zoom? What’s the process to ensure a smooth experience for our students? How should we structure the class? What modifications are necessary? What’s the plan for testing? 

The list goes on and on and on. It’s mind-boggling and stressful and worrisome. 

And to be honest, I love it

It is times when I am challenged like this that I feel most alive. It reminds me of my 110-hour work weeks when I first started this school.  My father described me, “You’re at your best when your back is to the wall.” 

That’s the martial arts spirit, isn’t it? It is the discipline from training hard that develops the mindset of a fighter. Martial arts makes you both physically and mentally tough. It teaches you to come out swinging and to get up every time you are knocked down. It instills in you the self-confidence to know that you are 100% in charge of your own destiny, that your willingness to work harder than anybody else will determine your success. And that when things get tough, you try harder, and quitting is never acceptable if you want to be a winner. 

Champions don’t give up. They turn it up. 

Keep Moving Forward, everyone! 

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