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First Live Online Class

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First Live Online Class

It’s April 7, and Day 22 of Shelter in Place

"First live karate class with @wushucentral. He loved it! Definitely check it out if you’re looking to sign your kids up for an awesome karate program that can start now and continue in their facility after all this craziness is over :)"

Thank you to Taylor Wardel for the Instagram shoutout! 

Yesterday was an amazing day and a great start to our LIVE online classes. The coaches were teaching their hearts out and the kids were training just as hard and having FUN. We’re excited for another day of giving you our best. 

OK, so here’s the bad news: Our goal is to put up every class we teach in our Virtual Class Vault so that you can replay the lesson if you miss it. Turns out we ran into some technical challenges while recording Little Heroes and discovered that since the instructors view the class in Zoom’s “gallery mode”, the recording also shows every student instead of just the instructor video feed. To respect everybody’s privacy, we decided to scrap that video. 

I managed a workaround by bringing in another computer to serve as a “participant” and recording the video from that machine. This made it so that the we could record the instructor video feed alone. This all took a couple hours to figure out, so the long and short of it is that we didn’t manage to capture the video for the Little Heroes classes yesterday, but we DID get the videos for the rest of the day. Those are now on the Virtual Class Vault at vimeo.com/showcase/wushu. We should be good for posting all class videos from now on though.

Keep Moving Forward! 


Kind Regards,

Sifu Chang

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