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What Is the New Normal?

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What Is the New Normal?

It’s April 12, and Day 27 of Shelter in Place

The numbers are indicating good progress. Although some parts of the nation are showing shocking surges in COVID-19 hospitalizations, Santa Clara County actually appears to be decreasing in hospitalizations based on the last 12-days of data.

Hopefully this may be taken as evidence that Shelter in Place is taking its desired effect. The question remains how much longer we have to wait until we can return to life as normal. And the bigger mystery: What will be the new “normal”?

Will it include 6-feet social distancing during in-person classes? Constant Clorox wiping? Masks during lessons? Nobody knows for sure yet!

One interesting development resulting from our online program is that we are now serving students from outside of our immediate geographical location. This past week four new students enrolled in our program, one of them from out-of-state. So we are seriously contemplating the possibility that when the crisis is behind us, the new normal might be to run both online and in-person programs at Wushu Central. 

It’s too early to say for sure, but we now know this: Our reputation reaches much further than we realized, and that’s a tremendous opportunity for growth. 

And so we do what we always do even in the middle of a pandemic:

We Keep Moving Forward.


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