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Belt Testing While Sheltering in Place

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Belt Testing While Sheltering in Place

It’s April 14, and Day 29 of Shelter in Place

Belt Promotions are coming up! Our scheduled testing week is April 27 - May 3. And because we are currently Sheltered in Place, testing will be taking a special format this month. 

📆 We will be testing each student individually. To take your promotion test, simply schedule a free 1-on-1 online private lesson with an instructor. Your test will take place in this individual session. 

📝 In the field that asks what you want to focus on in the lesson, enter your belt test details. Please leave complete details about your class type and your current level in order to ensure that the instructor is prepared for your test! For example, do NOT simply write "Belt Test". Instead, write "Little Heroes Belt Test, currently a green belt" 

💡 Please show up at your test prepared to demonstrate what you've learned. The greatest emphasis will be on the forms you have been practicing for the last 2 months. Little Heroes and Wushu Kidz students, you also need to bring your Achievement Log signed by your parents. 

❗️ Because we want to make sure that everybody has the opportunity to take their belt tests, each student may only reserve ONE private lesson during the week of April 27 - May 3. (Exception is made for private lesson memberships and for conditional black belts and black belts). If you have already reserved more than one lesson during that particular week, we will cancel the additional lessons for you. This restriction applies only to belt testing week

🎁 We appreciate all our active students and the support you have been giving us, so as a bonus we are not charging any test fees this month, and any certificates or belts earned will be delivered to you free as well. 

I know you are practicing extra hard these last two weeks heading into belt testing, and I am looking forward to seeing everybody earn their rank promotions!

Keep Moving Forward.

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