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Are You Just Surviving? Or Are You Thriving?

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Are You Just Surviving? Or Are You Thriving?

It’s April 16, and Day 31 of Shelter in Place

The latest data shows the very low levels of acute hospitalization by COVID-19 patients within Santa Clara County to be a remarkable achievement. Clearly, our efforts are working. 

While it is important for us to continue doing our part to stamp out this epidemic, remember that you have a life to live now, and what you do now will have an effect on how successful you will be when we get past this. 

I will give you an example: my children attend a school that seamlessly transitioned to remote learning via Zoom even before SIP. They have a full 8 am - 3 pm school schedule complete with lectures, homework, quizzes, tests, research papers, and finals. In the meantime, I saw some others schools sputter into half-hearted attempts at online schooling with minimal effort, while others just decided to stop educating their students altogether. 

Now what do you think happens when “normal” life resumes, and these children are thrown back into the real world where students take standardized tests and compete for a limited number of spaces in college and a finite number of job opportunities? The children who continued learning will have a significant advantage over those that didn’t. 

To be a success in life, you must commit to constantly working toward your goals. Many people are just waiting for this to be over, and they’ve put aside all their growth and learning. They’ve stagnated. That's dangerous and it’s putting themselves at severe disadvantage. I believe you're either growing or you’re regressing. There is no “pausing", because the truth is that there are others around you who have chosen to progress.

I’ve seen this in many martial arts schools around the nation. They’ve huddled in and are just waiting, hoping desperately for this to be all over. They are so focused on just surviving. At Wushu Central, we are focused on thriving

Continue to construct your success, even while sheltered. We live in an amazing time where you can continue to learn and improve yourself even while at home. It is even possible to grow a business in this climate. You just need to have the will to do it. 

Keep Moving Forward.

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