Thankful For Essential Services

It’s April 20, and Day 35 of Shelter in Place

I’ve been getting many words of sincere appreciation from parents for the work that we do at Wushu Central in serving our communities through our life-changing martial arts program. And truly, I am humbled and grateful for your thanks.

Now I would like to turn this around and ask all of us to redirect our gratitude toward people that are on the front-lines, working hard everyday to provide us with the essential goods and services we need to live. They generally expose themselves to risk in fulfilling their duties, and I hope that we can all express our thanks when we encounter them. We are accustomed to telling our military service members a well-deserved “Thank you for your service”. I believe it is time to start saying the same to people performing essential work. 

Thank you for your service. You know who you are. 🥰

Keep Moving Forward!

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