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Belt Testing Begins Today

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Belt Testing Begins Today

It’s April 27, and Day 42 of Shelter in Place

Belt Testing Begins Today!

By now you should have booked a Belt Test private-lesson appointment for this week. If not, please do so right away by clicking the link near the bottom of this email. Select any date between April 27 and May 3, and remember to list your student’s current class and belt level. 

Modified Test Structure

This month you will find that belt tests have been compacted to a shorter format, emphasizing grading of the most essential curriculum. Some elements will be skipped in this test, so if you were looking forward to enduring the 2-minute horse stance, you may need to hold your anticipation for the next belt test. 

No complaints about skipping horse stance this time? Yup, that’s what I thought. 

New Belt Drive-Thru (Monday, May 4)

If you successfully pass your test and earn a certificate and a new belt, we will be passing them out at our New Belt Drive-Thru on Monday, May 4! Simply drive into the Wushu Central parking lot, and we will award your certificate and belt social-distancing-style. The Drive-Thru will be open from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. 

If you are unable to pick up your certificate and belt here, we will have it mailed to you. 

Good luck to all our students promoting to their next ranks, and Keep Moving Forward!

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