If You Train More, You Gain More

It’s April 29, and Day 44 of Shelter in Place

I had a parent tell me the other day that their child is practicing Wushu every day because they are stuck at home. And I just thought that was so cool. It reminded me of classic Chinese Kung Fu TV-series - if you’ve never seen them, think The Mandalorian except set in ancient China with hundreds of competing warriors, monks, and Wushu schools. 

Often based on popular novels, the stories frequently have the protagonist trapped in a cave with nothing more than a Kung Fu book and an unlimited source of food and water (which is never adequately explained). He then spends years poring over the information in the book, practicing it to complete mastery, and when he finally finds a way out of the cave he is more than a match for every villain that ever bullied him. 

I mentioned in a previous post how I started competing in Wushu late, and that I had to catch up with others who had trained many years longer than I had. My secret was that I literally spent 4-6 hours training every day. Much of that time was all alone. I would reserve the squash ball court at my gym so that I could practice in peace. 

It’s about how bad you want it, and how hard you are willing to work to attain it. In the martial arts, if you train more, you gain more.

It’s been awesome seeing everybody passing their belt tests so far this week. If your test is coming up, I wish you great success. 

Keep Moving Forward!

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