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10 Best Martial Arts Classes in Palo Alto

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10 Best Martial Arts Classes in Palo Alto

These classes go far beyond typical Karate lessons in the way they incorporate life skills and personal attention:

1. Tiny Tigers. This class is specially designed for your toddler child age 2 - 3 1/2. Parent participation helps guarantee an comfortable adjustment period at this tender age.

2. Little Heroes. Children ages 3 through 5 love the low student to teacher ratio of this program, positive reinforcement, and the skills they develop.

3. Wushu Kidz. For kids between 5 and 7, the curriculum becomes more challenging with a heavier emphasis on both physical and mental conditioning to build grit and confidence. 

4. Future Starz. This class integrates Kung Fu with Life Skills. More than just punching and kicking, your 7-10 year old child learns how to be more focused and feels empowered to try their best. 

5. Wushu. Appropriate for teens and adults, you will get in the best shape of your life, become amazingly flexible, and learn great self defense skills.

6. Tai Chi. Older students and seniors love this class because you get all the benefits of martial arts training in a low-impact, gentle-moving routine. 

7. Tumbling. Both children and adults love learning how to do acrobatics and gymnastics. This class is both safe and fun!

8. Hyper Fight Club. Also known in Chinese as “San Shou” or “San Da”, you’ll put on your gloves and protective gear and practice your self-defense skills with various partners. 

9. Spectrum Skillz. For children on the autism spectrum, we are the only martial arts school in the Bay Area with instructors that specialize in working with kids with special needs!

10. Leadership. Get individualized coaching on how to become a leader in your community. This program also allows you to become a Wushu instructor.

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