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  • I Will Teach You, Because I Care

    I Will Teach You, Because I Care

    It’s March 29, and Day 13 of Shelter in Place
    We had so much fun at our first Parent’s Night In last night. Many thanks to the kids and parents who joined in for a fun hour of Kung Fu and social games. I look forward to hosting our next event! Thank you, all you parents who are supporting us, for keeping us going. Expect some more information tomorrow on our LIVE classes starting up on Monday, April 6. We’re super excited! Keep Moving Forward! ....

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  • Wushu Central Is Leveling Up!

    Wushu Central Is Leveling Up!

    It’s March 28, and Day 12 of Shelter in Place
    Check out the cool video from our partners at Hyper Martial Arts ! The Ordinary Will Give Up, The Extraordinary Will Level Up I personally taught 3 hours of online private lessons yesterday, and one thing really stuck with me: our students have shown amazing fortitude and dedication in their Wushu training. They’re Leveling Up every day. And in a week, we’re going to Level Up our classes even more. Starting Monday April 6, we are going to bring our online classes to you in real-time. This means that your instructor will be LIVE on the other side of the screen guiding, motivating, and correcting you and your classmates. ....

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  • Parent's Night In

    Parent's Night In

    It’s March 27, and Day 11 of Shelter in Place
    If your kids are like mine, they’re feeling pretty antsy. Children aren't built to be cooped up and socially isolated. They want to go out and run and be free ! Their intense drive to connect with others and foster friendships is an innate impulse. That’s why giving them fun social outlets is really important at this time. If your kids are ready to have some fun with other kids, we’re here to help! Log in to Zoom tomorrow at 5 pm for our first Parent’s Night In ! We’re going toget the kids moving, having fun, and at the same time give you a break. Here’s what’s happening at Parent’s Night ....

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  • Rave Reviews for our Virtual Classes

    Rave Reviews for our Virtual Classes

    It’s March 26, and Day 10 of Shelter in Place
    So here we are a full ten days in. Hopefully your children have been keeping their minds and their bodies busy! We’re grateful for all the wonderful emails we receive from you parents. I want to let you know that I show your emails to your coaches, and it really motivates and keeps them going during these challenging times. I’d like to share a few of my favorites: “[My son] completely enjoyed learning from Coach Austin.... He listened intently and responded to questions asked regarding the Courage-theme exercise.I am so happy you decided to provide online option. Totally appreciate all the efforts from the team.~ Sima ....

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  • Wushu Central Parents Group

    Wushu Central Parents Group

    It’s March 25, and Day 9 of Shelter in Place
    OK, so here comes one of my favorite questions. I like to use itwhenever somebody asks me why the martial arts is so good for kids. Here goes: What do Stanford, Dartmouth, UC Berkeley, MIT, and TuftsUniversity all have in common? Answer: They have all admitted students who earned their Black Belts at Wushu Central. Yes, we are unique in that what we teach here, if students stick with it in the long term, is helping them get into the most prestigious universities in the world . It’s no coincidence, nor is it a surprise. We have 20 years of experience in creating children who grow up with confidence, strong morals, ....

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  • The Harder Your Pivot The Harder You Hit

    The Harder Your Pivot The Harder You Hit

    It’s March 24, and Day 8 of Shelter in Place
    The harder you pivot, the harder you hit. We’ve been teaching that for years in the martial arts. If you want to throw the strongest punch possible, you have to generate rotational power, which means you have to turn your hip into the strike. This means your foot needs to pivot. This is also true for most kicks, particularly ones that come from the side like the roundhouse kick (this week’s Tiny Tigers technique!) About a week ago, this maxim became so true with regards to, well…everything. As a society we’ve had to pivot, and in order to come out successful we’ve had to pivot hard. My daughter now takes ....

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  • How To Help Your Child Succeed

    How To Help Your Child Succeed

    Parents are an essential element to their child’s success in anything. The enthusiasm and support, or lack thereof, of a parent can make or break a child’s accomplishments. At Wushu Central Martial Arts Academy, it is even more essential that parents be involved as part of the teaching team since our system applies child development and psychology. This approach can create extreme success for a child when their parents appreciate the program and are involved in the process. Parents that enroll their children in martial arts want to see them succeed but most don’t know what is needed from them to make this happen. Often, children who are in martial arts do not have parents ....

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  • Sunday is Fun Day

    Sunday is Fun Day

    It’s March 22, and Day 6 of Shelter in Place
    Reminder Everyone: I’m starting Storytime with Sifu at 10 am this morning. Come join me for a storybook reading! Honestly, I have no idea how this is going to go. I’m new to Zoom, and I cobbled this together based on nothing more than a wacky idea I had yesterday. It might be a complete disaster. Or the kids might actually like it. Either way, I think of it like this: we all need some fun yet safe spontaneity. Let’s do this! Join me at 10 am by clicking , and I’ll try my best to entertain your kids for half an hour. And for the rest of the day, remember to keep practicing ....

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  • Remaining Active

    Remaining Active

    It’s March 21, and Day 5 of Shelter in Place
    I’m really sore. My wife, two kids, and I have been pumping iron every day. When did the days get so long, with so many idle hours to fill? We aren’t naturally sedentary, so every few hours we find the urge to get up and work out in some capacity. Sometimes it’s martial arts training. At other times it’s going to the backyard to work on my daughter’s volleyball skills. We might lift weights for strength and conditioning. Or perhaps just a good flexibility-enhancing stretch. I have gotten so much wonderful feedback from many of you regarding our online class. Many of you are working out to them every day, and ....

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  • We are Grateful to You!

    We are Grateful to You!

    It’s March 20, and Day 4 of Shelter in Place
    Today, I am heading into Wushu Central to write paychecks for the instructors. And it dawned on me that I have so much to be grateful for. I am grateful for my health and for my family’s well-being. I am grateful that we still get to continue helping people through online classes. And I am grateful that so many of you have chosen to stand by us and maintain your memberships. I know so many people that lost their jobs overnight . It is because of you that today I am able to pay my staff so that they can pay their living expenses and get through this difficult time. So on behalf of your coaches: Larry, Tan, Mike, Terry, Troy, ....

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