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  • A Positive Approach to Teaching Your Children Good Manners

    A Positive Approach to Teaching Your Children Good Manners

    Good manners are hard to teach. Children don't automatically learn them. And too often, parents attempt to teach good manners by punishing their children when they don't comply with directions or expectations. Some parents even go as far as to ignore their children. This approach, however, only serves to harm the relationship the child has with his parents. Besides, negative reinforcement doesn't work well with most children. It tends to make them want to test the boundaries their parents and teachers give to see what they can get away with before getting punished again. If, however, parents take a positive approach to teaching good manners to their children, they should find ....

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  • The Surprising Truth about Losing Weight After 40

    The Surprising Truth about Losing Weight After 40

    As you grow older, it often becomes more difficult to manage your weight. However, the reasons may be different than you think. A recent study challenges the conventional wisdom about metabolism across the lifespan. Rather than slowing down in middle age, human metabolism seems to remain stable from 20 to 60. That’s according to a groundbreaking study at Duke University. That means you could be wasting time and money on expensive supplements and magic foods that claim to help you burn more calories. Try these suggestions, instead, for taking weight off and keeping it off after 40. Increasing Muscle Mass While your metabolism may remain strong for decades, your muscle ....

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  • How to Teach Your Child the Value of Self-Discipline

    How to Teach Your Child the Value of Self-Discipline

    Learning self-discipline is one of the most important benefits for children when they become a student at Wushu Central Martial Arts Academy. As a parent, there is much you can do to help! Self-discipline can help a child to resist temptations that aren't healthy, endure the uncomfortable feeling associated with trying to achieve goals, and delay gratification. A child who learns self-discipline early on thanks his parents later. You may not hear it from their mouth, but you will see the success it brings. The best way to teach your child self-discipline is by consistently setting reasonable and attainable expectations for them through consistent communication and reinforcement ....

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  • 5 Ways to Strengthen Kids' Emotional Health and Happiness

    5 Ways to Strengthen Kids' Emotional Health and Happiness

    Children develop emotional health – and a sense of who they are as a person – during their early childhood years. If this foundation is not well laid, it can have long-term impacts on cognitive and physical development and their sense of well-being. Three main factors play an essential role in how well kids can manage their emotions , gain perspective, and develop resilience. These factors include having close relationships with their parents, receiving appropriate parenting, and having strong social and emotional skills. Parents can do a lot to help children develop emotional well-being. Parents can teach kids to identify and manage their emotions. They can also ensure ....

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  • Top 10 Best Karate Classes in San Jose, CA

    Top 10 Best Karate Classes in San Jose, CA

    These classes go far beyond typical Karate lessons in the way they incorporate life skills and personal attention: 1. Tiny Tigers.This class is specially designed for your toddler child age 2 - 3 1/2. Parent participation helps guarantee an comfortable adjustment period at this tender age. 2. Little Heroes.Children ages 3 through 5 love the low student to teacher ratio of this program, positive reinforcement, and the skills they develop. 3. Wushu Kidz.For kids between 5 and 7, the curriculum becomes more challenging with a heavier emphasis on both physical and mental conditioning to build grit and confidence. 4. Future Starz.This class integrates Kung Fu with Life Skills. More ....

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  • Finally: A Self Defense Class For Older Adults!

    Finally: A Self Defense Class For Older Adults!

    We’ve received so many requests for a self defense class tailored for older adults. With the recent uptick in violent crimes against senior citizens, we believe that self defense is not just for kids! Empowering yourself with practical self defense skills gives you peace of mind, knowing that you have control over your safety and your future. In this 2-hour workshop specially tailored for adults age 50+, you will practice the necessary skills to stop an encounter from becoming dangerous, and when all else fails, learn how to physically defend yourself from a violent attacker. You also have the option to be trained in the use of Pepper Spray as a legal self-defense weapon in our ....

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  • Halloween Is An Opportunity to Turn Children Into Successful Adults

    Halloween Is An Opportunity to Turn Children Into Successful Adults

    We just finished our annual Monster Hunt, and it was our biggest and best year ever. As I reflect on this success, I thought I’d share the inspiration behind its concept. When I was a kid, my school hosted a haunted house in the gym. Filled with enthusiastic teenagers in scary costumes, they would leap out of dark corners to frighten children who were brave enough to enter. I was one of those brave children. And then I wasn’t. After a particularly effective scare, little 7-year old me ran out of the gym in tears. It was an experience I never forgot. Fast forward 20 years and filled with a level of confidence that only martial arts ....

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  • Healthy Alternatives to Halloween Candy Your Kids Will Love

    Healthy Alternatives to Halloween Candy Your Kids Will Love

    Healthy Alternatives to Halloween Candy Your Kids Will Love Your kids will love healthy alternatives to Halloween candy if you make them frightfully good. These are some ideas for healthy holiday food and celebrations that are low on sugar and still a lot of fun. Healthy Foods to Substitute for Traditional Halloween Candy: 1. Make your own sinister snacks. Kids love gross things. Use cookie cutters to design homemade cookies in shapes like ghosts and bats. Bake gingerbread zombies with missing limbs. You can adjust the conventional recipes to lower the sugar and substitute whole grain flour for half the white flour. Kids will also love to eat fruit and vegetables if you arrange them ....

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  • Brain Training for ADHD

    Brain Training for ADHD

    Although Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is such a prevalent diagnosis, there are still many misconceptions surrounding it. People often assume that ADHD results from poor parenting , laziness, or some learning disorder. And with these assumptions come a wide range of approaches to “fix” the problem. However, with the lack of proper understanding of this disorder, it’s hard to find an effective method to implement . Becoming knowledgeable about the facts of the disorder can make way for more successful interventions that will build confidence in those children instead of shame . ADHD stems from an imbalance of chemicals in the brain, largely that of ....

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  • My 9 Strategies to Developing Grit

    My 9 Strategies to Developing Grit

    You might be skilled, talented, educated, and brilliant. But, if you’re not resilient, persistent, and gritty, you’ll never make the most of those other attributes. Think about the five most successful people you know. On the average, they’re probably not that talented. However, they know how to get things done and persist. Resilience and grit might be the missing ingredients in your quest for success. Try these techniques to increase your resilience and grit: 1. Stay in contact with others. When times are tough, it’s natural to crawl into a hole and be by yourself. This is a mistake. You’re more capable with a support system. Give up the idea that strong ....

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