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Buddy Day

"Not only am I able to stay fit and healthy, I am also learning discipline, focus and self control. Wushu is both challenging and fun at the same time. I learn something new every time I come to class. I have also made many new friends through my classes at Wushu Central. I am always striving to do better to achieve my ultimate goal of a black belt. This determination helps in all aspects of my life, not just martial arts. I know that as I continue at Wushu Central, I will learn more about my self and my abilities. Wushu has become a very important part of my life."

- Matthew (age 17)

"Wushu helps benefit my body, mind, health, and spirit in many ways. Wushu helps improve my strength and gives me a lot of exercise to keep me healthy. Wushu helps me concentrate on the tasks that I need to do. It also helps me to get better grades because it will make me more disciplined to pay attention to the teachers and to do my homework. It will make me become a much better person."

- Renee (age 11)

"Wushu Central changed my life in so many ways I cannot describe. I have improved with school (both throughout my mind and body), I have gotten more endurance, meet new friends, and of course have gotten better at Wushu. Without Wushu Central I think a big majority of my life would have changed. Wushu Central changed me in the best way possible, and I am very lucky to have what I have."

- Shawn (age 12)

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Come to Buddy Day at Wushu Central!

Buddy day is a special opportunity for our students to share their love of martial arts with their friends and family. People that you specifically invite can take class with you completely free. The only thing needed is a Buddy Day Guest Ticket which gives them permission to take a lesson. Please download the buddy ticket below, print out, and bring completed on Buddy Day. Then look forward to an awesome class together with your friends!

Our next Buddy Day: February 27 - March 3, 2019

Buddy Day Ticket: DOWNLOAD HERE