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San Jose Kids Martial Arts

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Treat Your Child To The Best Kids Martial Arts Classes In San Jose And Santa Clara!

At Wushu Central Martial Arts Academy, we're building students all across our community up with age-specific Kids Martial Arts classes that can quickly impact every aspect of your child's life. From the youngest, most inexperienced students to the advanced athletes, we have something for everyone here.

We are proud to serve students from all across San Jose, Santa Clara, and beyond with high-quality training in the art of Kung Fu (also known as Wushu.) Fill out the short form on your screen to learn more today!

Kids Martial Arts in San Jose

Our Kids Martial Arts Classes Offer Targeted Training For All Abilities

We've all seen the cookie-cutter approach that most schools take when it comes to Kids Martial Arts classes. Well, at Wushu Central Martial Arts Academy, that's not us.

Our Kids Martial Arts classes are targeted for specific age groups, giving us the chance to offer developmentally appropriate instruction and give your child the chance to train alongside classmates of their same skill set.

Come see us here in San Jose today and treat your child to:

Kids Martial Arts in San Jose

Tiny Tigers (Ages 2 - 3 1/2): This class is all about the very basics of movement and concentration. We offer a safe environment where your child can learn skills like coordination and how to work well with others. 

Little Heroes (Ages 3-5): We continue helping students control their bodies and focus on the details of our instruction. This exciting class is the best blend of physical and social growth for your child.

Wushu Kidz (Ages 5-7): We begin introducing basic martial arts movements like kicks and punches in this class while also challenging students to understand and focus on details.

Future Starz (Ages 8-10): Our Future Starz have the chance to challenge themselves and advance through the progressions of traditional martial arts skills and strategies. 

Wushu (Ages 10-12): Whether your child is just getting started or they've been training for years, this is the perfect chance for your child to advance through our system and have a great time in the process. 

Students ages 13+ are invited to train in our Wushu Adult Martial Arts program. Click here to learn more! 

In All Of Our Kids Martial Arts Classes, We're Setting Your Child Up For Long-Lasting Success

At Wushu Central Martial Arts Academy, we're working hard every single day to help students across our community learn the traditional skills of martial arts training while also using that instruction as a driver for development in all aspects of their life.

We're using the high-energy nature of our Kids Martial Arts training to help students stay active and challenge themselves each and every day.

Our Kids Martial Arts classes are helping students all across San Jose and Santa Clara:

  • Learn respect and discipline in everything they do
  • Build confidence in all aspects of life
  • Stay active and develop habits of a healthy lifestyle 
  • Develop teamwork and leadership skills that will serve them for years to come

Don't Miss Out On The Best Kids Martial Arts Classes In All Of San Jose! 

If you're looking for a great way to challenge your child and set them up for success, come see us today. Our Kids Martial Arts classes are offering students across San Jose and Santa Clara the chance to take on exciting instruction in a safe, clean, and supportive environment. 

We offer flexible scheduling and professional instructors each and every day.

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