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Does your child have big plans for the summer? They do now! 

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At Wushu Central Martial Arts Academy, we're giving students all across San Jose and Santa Clara the chance to enjoy exciting Martial Arts instruction and so much more! We're working hard to keep your child active and set them up for success like never before.

We teach an 8-week Kung Fu Summer Camp designed to enrich lives with memorable martial arts training. Camp begins on June 17 and goes through August 16. You can attend camp 1 week at a time, or enroll for the entire 8-weeks! Half-Day and Full-Day options are available. Children may be dropped off as early as 8:00 am and picked up as late as 6:00 pm. (Note: there is no camp during the week of July 1-5).

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Kids Martial Arts in San Jose

Why Is Our Summer Camp Right For Your Child?

There's nothing worse than letting a young child waste away in front of a screen during the summer months. It can cause the dreaded Summer Slide trap where your child starts the new school year off worse than they ended the last. 

We're here to prevent that.

Our Summer Camp is an adventure that will thrill your children! We pack an incredible variety of learning activities for children into every camp day here. From Kung Fu lessons, to sword fighting, to gymnastics, and everything in between - your child will have tremendous and unforgettable fun! Join us here in San Jose this year for:

Kung Fu Styles: Each week we teach a unique Kung Fu style. Whether it's Tiger style or Drunken fist, Monkey style or Tai Chi, your child will learn something truly special.

Tumbling Gymnastics: Not only do you get to learn top-notch Kung Fu at our summer camp, you’ll get to train in tumbling gymnastics too! During your daily gymnastics class, you’ll start with the basics - bridges, front rolls, back roll, and progress toward ever more advanced techniques such as cartwheels, round offs, hand stands, and more!No prior experience is required.

Padded Weapons: In our summer camp, we’ll teach you the proper use of a sword using our unique and safe padded weapons. You’ll learn the proper fighting stance for sword dueling (hint: it’s probably different than you think!), how to attack effectively, and how to avoid getting hit. As you gain experience, we’ll teach you combination attacks and combat strategy to give you the edge over opponents.

Self-Defense: At Wushu Central, self defense means both knowing how to stay out of trouble, and getting out of trouble when you find yourself in it. This means that you’ll learn great strategies for avoiding danger before it comes close. You’ll also learn some neat moves to escape from common attacks such as arm holds and chokes.

Character Development: Martial Arts is known for not only training strong bodies, but also strong minds. In our summer camp, we take time each day to learn how to be better people. Through stories, demonstrations, and role playing exercises, we develop strong moral character with an emphasis on honesty, courage, and compassion.

Crafts: Martial arts training can get pretty physically exhausting, so we have fun craft projects for your child to build too. You'll get to exercise your creative side and bring some nifty crafts home to share with your family.

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There's nothing better than challenging your child and helping them take a different approach to learning and development. That's exactly what we're offering here at Wushu Central Martial Arts Academy. 

Our Summer Camps are perfect for students all across San Jose and Santa Clara. We can't wait for your child to join us! Learn more today by simply filling out the short form on your screen! 

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