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Feedback from previous participants:

"A wonderful class that teaches essential safety skills to young children. I think it should be mandatory teaching in all pre-schools and elementary schools. Parents can learn vital skills that may come in handy for themselves and their children. Coach David is a very enthusiastic instructor who relates well with children and makes the class entertaining. Important points were reinforced with multiple role-playing scenarios. My 4-year old daughter had a great time, and so did I!! A+++"

- L. Yee, M.D.

"Bravo!! You are a fantastic teacher and you made the class/information interesting and fun. My kids (age 12, 10 1/2) loved your class and they still try to practice the techniques on each other (ouch). Thank you for taking the time to teach younger kids! This workshop was one of their favorite activities this summer! I enjoyed seeing them smiling/laughing and eager to return to learn more."

- K. Koonmen

"I really enjoyed the workshop and would recommend this course to anyone who doesn't want to be a victim. Sifu Chang is an excellent instructor with the ability to communicate across all age groups. After taking this workshop you'll really want to come back for more."

- A. Stanton

"Thank you so much Sifu for such a great class. I feel confident that I will have the courage to defend myself in case of need. I really enjoyed the class and I want to do it again!"

- C. Gonzalez

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Wushu Central's

Bullying. Strangers. Abductions. Children don't need to live in fear if they are taught how to be aware and what actions to take in a worst-case scenario.

While some tragedies seem unpredictable and difficult to prevent, learning the right skills can drastically increase survival in a bad situation. In this 2-hour workshop specially tailored for children ages 7-12, your child will learn how to make safe decisions, and the quickest way to defend themselves and get to safety in a worst-case scenario.

This age-appropriate class is designed to instill in children a sense of awareness and caution. Most children live under the assumption of safety, and unfortunately these are the kids who are most vulnerable. After gaining an understanding of what the potential dangers are, we will teach your child specific self defense techniques in order to escape and create distance between themselves and the threat, and then quickly get to a safe place.

We will address:

  • Reducing the odds of being targetted
  • Defending against chokes
  • Defending against grabs
  • Defending against hair pulls
  • Defending against ground position (assailant on top)
  • Defending against carry-away abductions
  • Important Do’s and Don’ts

The instructor will wear a padded suit which will allow your child to REALLY practice your techniques on a live “attacker”. This will give your child the confidence and proficiency to effectively use what they learn if needed.


Register for our next Kid Defense class to be held on:

Date: Saturday, October 13, 2018
Time: 5:00 - 7:00 pm (2 hours)
Location: 879 Coleman Ave Suite 40, San Jose
For: Children ages 7-12
Class Fee: $49.99

We frequently conduct self-defense classes for organizations such as local schools, churches, Boy Scouts, and Girl Scouts. If you would like to request a special Self Defense workshop for your own group, either at your location or within our studio, we will be happy to help. Please contact us directly at (408) 850-9479.