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At Wushu Central your child can gain confidence, focus, and discipline!

As parents, we know that our children are smart, talented, and have the capability to excel in school and in life. Sometimes they are just missing a key element that is preventing them from achieving their potential.

For Example!!!

“My daughter gets really shy around other people. I don’t understand why because she’s not like that at home!”

“My son is actually really smart, but he just has a hard time focusing!”

“It’s a real challenge getting my kids to listen. I have to tell them over and over again. I wish they would listen the first time!”

These are all statements we’ve heard from parents like you.

The solution: Martial Arts!

Our martial arts program will help your child develop:

  • Razor Sharp Focus!
  • Unshakable Self Confidence!
  • Rock Solid Discipline!

That’s just the beginning.
You can also expect your child to gain:

  • Self Defense Skills!
  • Improved Grades!
  • Self Respect!
  • Self Control!
  • Determination!
  • Strength!
  • Flexibility!
  • Coordination!
  • Balance!
  • Fitness!
  • Weight Loss!

All this, while learning martial arts and having FUN!

You don’t have to take our word for it.
Here are a few comments from parents:

"Wushu Central has helped our daughter gain confidence and become more outgoing."

"I just wanted to take this opportunity to share with you some of the wonderful changes I have seen in my daughter since she started taking classes at Wushu Central. In a recent physical fitness test at her school, she reached the level of "Presidential". A level of "Presidential" represents the highest level of physical fitness a student can achieve. She has been trying to reach this goal for years. I believe the Wushu class was instrumental in giving her the desire and training to reach this level of physical excellence.

In addition, Wushu Central has helped our daughter gain confidence and become more outgoing.

Just recently, I was pleasantly surprised to hear my daughter entered a Halloween costume contest at her local school on her own accord. Normally our daughter would not have the confidence to enter a such contest, and most definitely would refuse to parade in front of a such large audience!"’

- Debra (Ashley’s mom)!

"Now the bigger kids have stopped bullying him”

"Ashwanth had difficulties defending himself... After joining Wushu Central, one kid tried pushing him at school and Ashwanth told that kid " Now I am going to Martial arts class and I am very strong. I can push you back but I do not want to do that". Now the bigger kids have stopped bullying him.

Thank you so much for being a part of Ashwanth's development. He loves Wushu Central and looks forward for his classes.”

- Nirupa (Ashwanth’s mom)

“After just a few months, we could see a dramatic difference...”!

“I was concerned about my son Evan’s ability to listen, especially after watching him literally ‘run circles’ around his classmates at gymnastics class.

I decided to try Wushu Central (since ‘Focus’ and ‘Discipline’ were what my son needed). I signed up for the free trial class, and was amazed to see how well he reacted to the coach’s instructions. He would start to look away and the coach could bring him right back in focus. After just a few months, we could see a dramatic difference in his other classes – and at home. I’m so glad I found this!"

- Stacey (Evan’s mom)

Wushu Central has been the recipient of numerous awards, including Bay Area Parent Magazine’s Family Favorite for 9 years.

This means that year after year, parents all over the bay area vote for us as the Best Martial Arts School!

What make us so special?

Our Classes Feature...

  • Age-appropriate classes for children starting age 2 and up!
  • Lessons divided by age groups and level categories for individualized teaching!
  • Low student to teacher ratios for optimal learning!
  • A variety of classes in martial arts, gymnastics, weapons, and more to keep children excited and motivated!
  • Classes available on weekdays and on weekends (both Saturday and Sunday)!
  • Classes open in mornings, afternoons, and evenings to make scheduling easy!
  • Clean facilities, safety equipment, and expertly-trained instructors for an impeccable safety record!
  • And most important, instructors who are great with kids!

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