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Leadership Program

"Wushu Central changed my life in so many ways I cannot describe. I have improved with school (both throughout my mind and body), I have gotten more endurance, meet new friends, and of course have gotten better at Wushu. Without Wushu Central I think a big majority of my life would have changed. Wushu Central changed me in the best way possible, and I am very lucky to have what I have."

- Shawn Tabrizi

“After finding wushu, I became more passionate about my own goals and priorities. My life felt more fulfilled and I had something to work for. With each training session, I feel that I become more accomplish, I feel that life has more to offer and that I have more to reach and live for. I feel proud to be able to give my best and more, and I believe that my passion found for wushu will continue to be unwavered, leading me to a better life, stronger and better overall, not just in academics, physical fitness, or things as such, but everything in life overall. Wushu has given me passion, pride, meaning, discipline and confidence, and they are still growing. They will be the things that I will hold forever to become a stronger and greater person."

- Hanish Ling

"One part of my life that wushu has drastically changed is school. Practicing wushu, especially with the great inspiration I am lucky to have, has hardened my sense of determination. I put a lot more effort towards all of my subjects, especially geometry and PE. In wushu, I've had to slowly learn forms and combinations step-by-step, and I've applied this concept to geometry. It really helps, particularly with things like proofs, where step-by-step processes are the whole point. There's a whole lot of other details that I've learned, but the ones that I'll remember, the ones that changed my life, are to have inspiration in whatever I do, work hard, and concentrate. I've learned all this before, but wushu is the one that will make it stay."

- Arlene Chiu

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"I walked into Wushu Central 11 years ago, crying over my mom’s shoulder and begging to go home. Last week, I walked into Wushu Central and gave a few hi-fives to my students as I confidently announced the start of my Little Heroes class.

The word ‘journey’ is probably the most fitting way I can describe Wushu. I have encountered setbacks and obstacles at every belt level, both physical and mental. But through it all, I have had the guidance of masterful and empathetic coaches. The coaches at Wushu Central are unparalleled in their ability to help every student, regardless of the student’s initial physical ability or motivation. It is because of their encouragement that I learned the value of perseverance, a trait that was valuable to me after failing the black belt test on my first attempt.

I am grateful for the self-confidence and perseverance that Wushu Central has provided me with. I am now a black belt and an instructor, helping those kids who were just like me on my first day. Wushu Central will always be a home to me; I aspire to continue improving my own martial arts abilities and, hopefully, inspire determination in my students.”

- Samrit Mathur, Dartmouth University


Our Leadership Program teaches valuable skills and character traits that top universities are looking for! Here is a partial list of previous Leadership Program students and where they ended up attending:

Samrit Mathur - Dartmouth University
Shaivya Gupta - Boston University
Alyssa Zhu - UC Berkeley
Jenny Quach - UC Berkeley
Andrew Ly - UC Irvine
Jasmine Pham - UC Davis
Maya Modak - UC Santa Cruz
Erika Lee - MIT
Michelle Tran - University of Oregon

Interested in joining our leadership program?

Our ideal Leadership Team candidate is at least 10 years of age and a Green Belt or higher in Wushu. However, some exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis. If you would like to be considered for our Leadership Program, please fill out the form below:

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