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Tai Chi

"Jeannette and I started taking Tai Chi together about a year ago. Jeannette has since dropped two dress sizes, I've lost four inches off my waist. We sleep better and generally feel better.

Jeannette's knees have bothered her for years, and now don't at all. My shoulder has had a lot of mobility problems and has been generally sore for years. No longer. Being pain free without medication is great.

Jeannette has no athletic background. I used to play college football and basketball, and I used to box. Sifu David Chang has managed to keep us both challenged and interested while teaching us Tai Chi at the same time. The interesting thing about the classes is that you can make the workout as hard or as easy as you want. Sifu has an engaging way of working with your goals individually and as a group.

I can promise you that you will learn how to do things that you might have never been able to do before. You'll learn and grow in a gradual manner, building on your successes. You'll become mentally sharper and more focused. It truly is a combination of meditation and exercise."

- Duane & Jeannette Warren

“Tai Chi is a good form of physical therapy, and has helped me recover movement ability in my left arm which was damaged from surgery. I sleep much better now!"

- Sue Chang, cancer patient

"After the class, I felt a sense of inner peacefulness that I've never really had before"

- Chris Ramos, college student

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What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese form of martial arts. It is a mind-body, self-healing system that uses movement, meditation, and breathing to improve health and well being.

It involves gentle and relaxing exercises with mental focus that develop inner peace and comfort. Tai Chi can benefit men and women of any age and health.

Sifu David Chang has practiced Tai Chi for over 15 years. He specializes in teaching Yang style Tai Chi, and also teaches Bagua Zhang (a related martial art style).

What are the health benefits of Tai Chi?

According to an article published by Harvard Health Publications, Tai Chi improves muscle strength, flexibility, balance, and aerobic conditioning. It also indicates that Tai Chi is helpful for medical conditions including arthritis, low bone density, breast cancer, heart disease, heart failure, hypertension, Parkinson's disease, sleep problems, and stroke.

You can read the complete article here.

The New England Journal of Medicine also published a clinical study indicating that Tai Chi improves balance in patients with Parkinson's disease and reduces the incident of falls.

You can read this article here.

Tai Chi is also recognized as a method to reduce stress that can provide the same cardiovascular benefits as moderate exercise such as downhill skiing or jogging, but without the same risk of injury or impact on the joints.

How does the program work?

We introduce basic Tai Chi exercises gradually and systematically. Material is introduced starting from elementary skills and progressing gradually toward advanced Tai Chi forms with the option to learn special styles such as the Tai Chi sword.

Students can learn and progress at their own pace, and we happily accommodate any special needs you may have.

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