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"After joining Wushu Central, I have seen wonderful physical benefits myself from the training.
I am stronger in my hip joints, more flexible then I have been in years, and having a wonderful time putting my body and mind through complicated training and exacting standards which challenge me in a way I have not experienced since Ballet.

I respect the teaching strategy you take with adults and children and the patience and positive attitude you and everyone around you shows. It is a positive place to come, practice and improve body and mind."

- Indira DeWinter

“Before I joined Wushu, I always avoided participating in sports or any kind of ongoing physical activity. I was never athletic, and I lacked motivation.

Once I summoned the courage to try Wushu, I realized it was one of the best decisions, I ever made. Wushu challenged me to achieve more than I dreamed possible on both a physical and spiritual level.

With each kick, stretch, and stance that I learned, I gained strength, endurance, energy, and confidence. I still have much to learn and improve, but Wushu has motivated me to reach my full potential."

- Christine Ryczkowski

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Wushu Pose

2018 Wushu Central Friendship Tournament

Date & Time: Saturday, December 1 from 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Qualified Competitors: All Wushu Central Students

Competition Events: Little Heroes Forms, Wushu Kidz Forms, Future Starz Forms, Wushu Forms and Horse Stance Competition

Download the Friendship Tournament flyer.

***Early Bird Discount if you register by November 26!!!***