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Practicing martial arts provides incredible health benefits, from improving muscle tone and heart health to promoting coordination and flexibility. If you’re ready to leap into martial arts, consider setting up a studio at home. 

A home studio is a smart way to supplement your lesson time, offering an opportunity to hone skills, discipline and fitness. What’s more, martial arts will burn energy and relieve stress. And it’s a great way to keep your kids active, and a healthy habit to get them hooked on. Check out these resources provided by Wushu Central Martial Arts Academy for tips when designing your very own martial arts studio! 

Make Some Space

A studio needs the space to practice martial arts safely, so the room can’t be too small. If you don’t have a medium-to-large sized room, consider each room as a potential multi-use space.  And if you’re in an apartment, consider renting a house instead so you don’t bother your neighbors. 

  • Oftentimes, a basement has the space you need, but may need fixing up. Browsing listings at real estate websites can give a glimpse into what others have done. First, check into the housing market to see what you’re able to afford in a home. You’ll find that the median home sale price in San Jose is currently $1.35M.
  • An attic may provide enough unused space and may make a great alternative. If you’re completing an attic conversion, avoid these mistakes.
  • Wherever you put it, if this workout space is meant to serve a variety of workouts, the placement of equipment is important. Weight machines and treadmills that can’t be moved easily may take more space than they’re worth. Mostly, you don’t want to be running into them. 
  • Creating a martial arts studio in your home can even boost your home’s value if you create a multifunctional space. 

Choose Your Equipment

The right martial arts gear will help you stay safe and get the most out of your training sessions. But make sure that everyone who uses the space has health insurance, just in case. There are plenty of low-cost state-subsidized policies available now to make carrying your own insurance budget-friendly. 

Have Fun with Your New Home Studio

Creating your own at-home dojo can be fun and rewarding. While you may have to do some decluttering and remodeling to make space for your personal studio, you’ll be glad you did. Practicing martial arts will help you stay fit, healthy, and happy!

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